Table Help - Summary of Effects Across Models

This table provides an overview of effects for the home visiting models included in the HomVEE review.

Field Descriptions

Implementation support available for model as reviewed?
Indicates whether the model has support for implementing a replication program. This may include instructions on how to sign up to affiliate with the model, where to get training, or published information indicating that the model is linked to multiple active programs.
High or moderate quality impact study?
At least one randomized controlled trial or quasi-experimental design study that HomVEE reviewed received a quality rating of high or moderate.
Favorable impacts on full sample?
Indicates whether the model has at least one high or moderate rated study in which authors found favorable impacts on the full sample.
Favorable impacts on subgroups?
HomVEE only examines subgroup outcomes for subgroups that have been examined in multiple, non-overlapping samples. HomVEE only reports subgroup findings if the subgroup has been replicated in an independent sample.
Favorable impacts sustained?
Indicates whether favorable impacts were sustained longer than one year post program 12 months after model enrollment inception.
Favorable impacts replicated across or within domains?
Indicates whether, across high or moderate quality studies, favorable impacts (whether sustained or not) were observed in at least two outcome domains within one sample OR in the same outcome domain for at least two non-overlapping samples across high or moderate quality studies.
Favorable impacts on full sample limited to subgroups?
Indicates whether, across high or moderate quality studies, favorable impacts were measured for the full sample.
Unfavorable or ambiguous impacts?
Indicates whether there was at least one unfavorable or ambiguous impact on either primary and secondary measures in the full sample, in high- and moderate-rated analyses. An unfavorable or ambiguous impact is a statistically significant impact on an outcome measure in a direction that may indicate potential harm to children and/or parents. Unfavorable or ambiguous findings should be interpreted with caution because there is subjectivity involved interpreting some outcomes. Readers are encouraged to use the HomVEE website, specifically the reports by model and by outcome domain, to obtain more detail about these findings. Please read Describing Effects for more information on unfavorable or ambiguous impacts.
Meets HHS criteria for evidence-based
Indicates whether the model meets HHS criteria for an evidence-based home visiting model.

Field Values

In addition to "Yes" and "No", Valid values include:

No eligible studies
Indicates that no studies were eligible for review; in other words, all impact studies screened out.
Not applicable
Indicates that the field is not relevant for a given model, either because all eligible studies rated low or because there were no eligible studies.