Bernard, K., Yarger, H. A., Meade, E. B., Wallin, A., & Dozier, M. (2015). Enhancing sensitivity and positive regard among parents of children adopted internationally: Long-term effects from a randomized clinical trial. Unpublished manuscript.

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Study Participants

Study participants were parents who had recently adopted a child internationally. This study was a randomized controlled trial, and parents were randomly assigned to the treatment or control condition. A total of 133 parents were randomized at baseline, 66 to the treatment condition (ABC) and 67 to the Developmental Education for Families (DEF) (control) condition. At the zero- to-six-month post-intervention follow-up, 54 parents were assessed in each group for an analytic sample of 108. At baseline, 96 percent of the treatment parents and 87 percent of control parents where white, 83 percent and 80 percent had a bachelor's or graduate degree, and 67 percent of treatment mothers and 70 percent of control mothers were employed outside of the home.


Not reported.

Home Visiting Services

Parents in the treatment condition received the Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up (ABC) intervention, with an additional focus on helping parents handle child behaviors that are indiscriminately friendly or pseudo-autistic.

Comparison Conditions

Parents in the control condition received the DEF program, a parent education program adapted from a home visiting program that emphasizes motor, cognitive, and language development.

Staff Characteristics and Training

The intervention was delivered by parent trainers, all of whom "had experience with children and strong interpersonal skills." Parent trainers used a structured manual to deliver 10 sessions to parents.

Author Affiliation

Dr. Bernard is affiliated with the Department of Psychology, Stony Brook University.

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Clinicaltrials.gov Identifier: None found. Study registration was assessed by HomVEE beginning with the 2014 review.

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Bernard, K., Yarger, H. A., Meade, E. B., Wallin, A., & Dozier, M. (2015)
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Not established on race; not established on SES; established on outcome measures assessable at baseline.
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Randomized controlled trial