Review Process

Screening Studies

Each year, the HomVEE review team screens all new citations identified through the literature search for relevance. The team screens out studies for the following reasons:

  • Home visiting was not the primary service delivery strategy.
  • The study did not use an eligible design (randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental designs, and implementation studies).
  • The study of the program did not report results for an eligible target population: pregnant women or families with children from birth to kindergarten entry (that is, up through age 5) served in a developed-world context.
  • The study did not examine any outcomes in the eight eligible outcome domains (maternal health; child health; child development and school readiness; reductions in child maltreatment; reductions in juvenile delinquency, family violence, and crime; positive parenting practices; family economic self-sufficiency; and linkages and referrals).
  • The study did not examine a named home visiting model.
  • The study was not published in English.
  • The study was published before 1989.1

1For models prioritized in 2018 and earlier, HomVEE also did a focused search reaching back to 1979. Because so few studies published before 1979 related to models prioritized in recent years, HomVEE limited the focused search to studies reaching back to 1989 or later starting with the 2019 review. For the 2019 review, HomVEE searched literature published through September 2018. It also considered submissions of unpublished studies or studies published through December 2018 to the call for studies that ended in early January 2019.