Review Process

Requests for Reconsideration of Evidence Determinations

If a State, researcher, model developer, or other interested individual believes the application of the HHS criteria for evidence of effectiveness for a particular model contained one or more errors and that, if these errors were addressed, the model would meet the evidence criteria, those concerns should be submitted to: Inquiries will only be accepted through this e-mail address. Individuals may request reconsideration of the evidence based determination based on misapplication of the HHS criteria, or missing information, or errors on the HomVEE website. HHS will consider the request and if approval is granted, to ensure independence from the original review, a re-review team composed of members external to the original contractor will conduct the new, independent review. The re-review team will provide assurance that they do not have any actual or perceived conflicts of interest. This re-review team will not consist of members who were involved in the original review. Similar to the original review, the re-review team will be certified and trained in the HomVEE standards. The re-review team will utilize the original empirical articles (see the model reports), any information submitted by the individual raising the concern, the original review team’s reports, and make any needed queries to the original team. The goal will be to issue a final decision as to whether the standards were accurately applied or not within 60 days of the submission of the request for review. Following the decision the requester will be notified of the decision and, if necessary, any adjustments to the model reports or HomVEE website will be made.