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HomVEE assesses whether each model meets the HHS criteria for an “evidence-based early childhood service delivery model.” To operationalize the HHS criteria related to studies, and because study findings may be reported across several manuscripts, HomVEE rates manuscripts based on the highest rated finding reported in that manuscript. Any high- or moderate-rated finding from a study about a model is considered as part of the evidence base for that model. Notably, for models with research solely from either RCT or SCD studies, additional criteria apply (see the HHS criteria). The additional criteria for RCTs to be from peer-reviewed journal articles and to have sustained findings align with MIECHV Program statutory requirements. The HHS criteria for an evidence-based model have no additional requirements for RDD or NED studies. A model may be evidence based on the strength of subgroup findings alone only if the research about it satisfies all of the subgroup criteria.

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How does HomVEE apply HHS criteria for evidence-based early childhood service delivery models?