-How does HomVEE screen research for review?

HomVEE screens research to identify which manuscripts are eligible for review according to HomVEE’s published procedures and standards. Once manuscripts are screened in, they may contribute to prioritization rankings. Research on models that are not prioritized for review in a given year remains in the HomVEE database for consideration in future years.

HomVEE starts screening research every October and continues through early January of the following year. HomVEE conducts a broad annual search for research on home visiting models serving pregnant women or families with children from birth to kindergarten entry (that is, up through age 5) and carefully screens the resulting manuscripts for eligibility. Specific screening criteria can be found in Chapter 2 of the Version 2 Handbook of Procedures and Evidence Standards located on the Methods and Standards section of the website.

The annual review is HomVEE’s main product, but it is not the only one. HomVEE may refine the screening approach as appropriate for specific stand-alone products, such as the review of research on tribal populations and the Evidence Says series of briefs on topics of special interest.

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How does HomVEE screen research for review?