FAQ-Review Process-230

You may request a re-review if you think that (1) in applying the criteria to determine whether a particular model is evidence based, HomVEE made one or more errors; and (2) if these errors were addressed, the model would be evidence based. Specifically, you may request reconsideration of the evidence-based determination based on misapplication of the HHS criteria, missing information, or errors on the HomVEE website. These concerns should be described in detail and submitted to: HomVEE@acf.hhs.gov. Pending approval from HHS, an independent re-review team will conduct a new review of the manuscript(s) in question. Re-reviews are conducted using the procedures and standards in place at the time of the original review. For more information on the re-review process, see Chapter 2 of the Version 2 Handbook of Procedures and Evidence Standards on the Methods and Standards section of the website.