FAQ-Review Process-207

Yes, HomVEE issues a call for research every year in November that is open through early January. The call is sent to relevant electronic mailing lists and is also posted on the HomVEE website homepage with instructions on how to submit research. Research can be submitted at any time, but if it is submitted outside of the call window it will be screened the following year

HomVEE aims to treat all models consistently and fairly and to have a complete picture of all observed effects for a model. Therefore, HomVEE has a systematic process for identifying all relevant research and prioritizing models for review based on the available empirical evidence. Accepting new information, studies, or research during the course of the review would significantly delay HomVEE’s annual review process. For these reasons, HomVEE cannot review specific manuscripts on request. More details on this process are available in Chapter 2 of the Version 2 Handbook of Procedures and Evidence Standards Methods and Standards section of the website.

Please sign up for the HomVEE mailing list to be notified of the call for research and other HomVEE-related news. To join the email list, find the "Join the HomVEE email list" box on the bottom right side of the Home page or the top left side of the What's New page, enter your email address and click the Subscribe button.

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May I submit research on my model for review?