Promoting Parental Skills and Enhancing Attachment in Early Childhood (CAPEDP) Trial.Model Description

The Parental Skills and Attachment in Early Childhood: Reduction of Risks Linked to Mental Health Problems and Promotion of Resilience Project (CAPEDP) was a demonstration project in France, implemented from 2006 to 2011. CAPEDP enrolled pregnant women who were younger than 26 years old and had one or more of the following risk factors: had less than 12 years of education, qualified for free health care based on low-income status, or intended to raise the child in the absence of the father. The model was designed to promote infant mental health by addressing postnatal maternal depression, improving parenting skills, and promoting healthy mother-child attachment. Psychologists provided home visits that were guided by a series of six DVDs, brochures covering a variety of health and mental health topics, and video recordings of the mother-child interactions. CAPEDP offered families 44 home visits from the third trimester of the mother’s pregnancy to the child’s second birthday. For more information, please read the Model Overview.