Early Steps to School Success®-Home Visiting (ESSS-HV).Implementation Support

Early Steps is an early childhood development model administered by Save the Children®, a nongovernmental organization. Save the Children U.S. Programs, an affiliate of Save the Children, developed Early Steps in 2006 through a public–private partnership with states and local schools. The Save the Children national and state-based program teams provide training, technical assistance, and overall Early Steps management to the local school districts that are implementing Early Steps (sometimes together with state and local early childhood and family social services systems). Local school districts receive grants from Save the Children (or, rarely, other entities – see Type of Implementing Agency) to implement Early Steps. The school districts provide office and meeting space and home visitor supervision.

The following national-level staff support local implementation:

  • Senior early childhood specialists are responsible for Early Steps quality assurance. They develop curricula; design and conduct the training for the home visitors and their Early Steps supervisors, the regional program specialists; and supervise the regional program specialists.
  • The national data manager manages the web-based data collection system and supports the data collection efforts of the home visitors.
  • The national director oversees all aspects of Early Steps across the country.

No additional information is available about the support provided by the state-based teams and whether the teams are available in all states implementing the model.