VIPP - model description

Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD) aims to promote sensitive responsiveness and sensitive discipline and serves families with children ages 1 through 6 years old who have an increased risk of behavioral problems. For the purpose of the HomVEE review, the only VIPP-SD studies included were those of sites that served families with children ages 1 through 5 years old. VIPP-SD consists of seven home visits that occur once or twice per month and last about two hours each. During visits, the home visitor video records the interaction between the caregiver and child. At subsequent visits, the home visitor and caregiver review selected clips from the video taken during the previous visit, and the home visitor provides feedback on the caregiver’s discipline practices and sensitivity to the child’s cues.

In addition to studies of VIPP-SD, this report includes studies of two versions of VIPP (a precursor to VIPP-SD designed for families with infants, newborn to 12 months). The first, VIPP-AUTI, is an adaptation of VIPP, and the second, British Autism Study of Infant Siblings (iBASIS)-VIPP, is an adaptation with an add-on to VIPP. VIPP-AUTI adapts VIPP for families who have children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. VIPP-AUTI consists of six home visits focused on helping caregivers understand their children’s behavior and enhancing caregiver–child interactions. iBASIS-VIPP adapted VIPP for families with infants who have a sibling with autism spectrum disorder. iBASIS-VIPP provided up to six booster visits after the standard six visits and included additional therapeutic procedures to respond to developmental atypicalities.

For more information about VIPP-SD, please read the Model Overview.