Video-Feedback Intervention to Promote Positive Parenting-Sensitive Discipline® (VIPP-SD).Model Components


VIPP-SD consists of visits conducted in the caregiver’s home while one child is present. During the first visit, the home visitor introduces the caregiver to the VIPP-SD model and answers any questions. The home visitor also records a video of the caregiver and child interacting. After the visit, the home visitor views the recording, selects clips of the video to share with the caregiver, and prepares feedback on the selected clips. During subsequent home visits, the home visitor begins by recording another round of caregiver–child interactions, and then the home visitor and caregiver discuss the prepared video clips from the previous visit. The home visitor provides feedback and tips on the following topics:

Parental sensitivity, which involves the following:

  • Attending to the child’s subtle signals and expressions
  • Appropriately reacting to a child’s signals
  • Sharing positive and negative emotions

Sensitive discipline, which involves the following:

  • Using consistent discipline strategies and setting limits
  • Using distraction and noncoercive responses to challenging child behavior
  • Providing positive reinforcement by praising the child’s positive behavior and ignoring attention-seeking behavior
  • Providing time-outs to de-escalate temper tantrums
  • Empathizing with the child

Although the intervention manual specifies the general content of each visit, the home visitor tailors feedback to each family based on the home visitor’s observations.