Parent-Child Home Program.Implementation Support

The ParentChild+® model focuses on developing caregiver-child attachment and can be used one-on-one with parents and with family child care providers responsible for group care. (ParentChild+ was formerly known as the Parent-Child Home Program.) The information in this profile describes the ParentChild+ Core Model, the version of ParentChild+ used with parents in the home.

The ParentChild+ National Center provides comprehensive implementation assistance and training for ParentChild+ Core Model site supervisors, coordinators, and evaluators, and conducts regular certification or re-certification of all local ParentChild+ Core Model replication sites. The National Center coordinates and supports internal and external research and evaluation activities. It also helps local program sites with outreach, government relations, and identification of funding sources to support implementation of the model.

The National Center conducts regular certification and re-certification of all local ParentChild+ Core Model replication sites according to the criteria and schedule laid out in each site’s replication agreement, to determine whether the site is operating within the ParentChild+ Core Model guidelines and is providing quality services to families. The National Center also provides ongoing support and technical assistance to all ParentChild+ Core Model sites and staff.

The ParentChild+ Core Model has regional coordinators in California, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington; and certified regional trainers in Florida and South Carolina.