HealthConnect One's<sup>&reg</sup> Community-Based Doula Program Implementation Support

HealthConnect One (HC One) provides training, technical assistance, accreditation, and evaluation services to sites implementing the Community-Based Doula Program. The model was first implemented in 1996 as a four-year pilot in Chicago, under the name the Chicago Doula Project, and is now being replicated nationwide. The program is designed to be integrated into a replication site’s programmatic framework, either as an addition to an existing program, or as a stand-alone model added to an organization’s program offerings. Thus, replication sites may refer to their programs using local names. HC One assists agencies in adapting the essential components of the model to their existing program structure.

The Community-Based Doula Program uses a range of service delivery methods to support women. Services are provided at hospitals and clinics, at home, and by telephone. The HomVEE review is based on Community-Based Doula Programs in which home visiting was the primary service delivery strategy.