Family Spirit<sup>&reg</sup> Model Description

Family Spirit is designed for pregnant women and families with children younger than age 3 in Native American communities. It may also be used with non-Native populations with high maternal and child behavioral health disparities. It aims to promote mothers’ parenting skills, while assisting them in developing coping and problem-solving skills to overcome individual and environmental stressors. The curriculum, which incorporates traditional tribal teachings, consists of 63 lessons divided into six domains. Family Spirit recommends initiating the program with weekly visits by at least 28 weeks of gestation and tapering to bimonthly visits until the child’s third birthday. Paraprofessional Health Educators conduct the visits, which typically last 45 to 90 minutes. Family Spirit recommends that Health Educators come from the participating community and have familiarity with the local/tribal culture, traditions, and language(s). For more information, please read the Model Overview.