Even Start-Home Visiting (Birth to Age 5) Model Description

Even Start was a federal initiative that offered grants to support local family literacy projects that integrated early childhood education, adult literacy, parenting education, and interactive parent and child literacy activities. The model targeted low-income parents with children from birth through age 7 and parents who were eligible for services under the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act. Even Start programs identified and recruited families most in need of services as indicated by a low level of income, a low level of adult literacy or English language proficiency of the eligible parent or parents, and other need-related indicators. Even Start did not define required model components, but most sites delivered services through a combination of center-based programs, parent groups, and home visits. For the purpose of the HomVEE review, only studies of sites that used home visiting as the primary service delivery method and that included families with children from birth to age 5 were included. For more information, please read the Model Overview.