Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-Visiting Program (MECSH) Characteristics of Model Participants

One study reported that the MECSH trial enrolled 111 pregnant women with at least one psychosocial risk factor in. Another study focused exclusively on the prenatal stage of the program reported characteristics for 91 women of the women.

In the study that reported participant demographics for all 111 participants, the women enrolled averaged 28 years of age, and more than a quarter were first-time mothers. In addition, one study reported that about half of the participants were born in Australia, whereas the rest were born elsewhere. The vast majority (81 percent) of women were married or living with their partner, and 83 percent completed high school. Almost 70 percent of the women were employed either full- or part-time. Half of the women had at least one psychosocial risk factor; depressive symptoms were most common (41 percent).

According to all the studies reviewed, participation in MECSH was voluntary.