Implementing Nurturing Parenting Programs (Birth to Age 5)

Implementation last updated: 2015

The information in this profile reflects feedback, if provided, from this model’s developer as of the above date. The description of the implementation of the model(s) here may differ from how the model(s) was implemented in the research reviewed to determine this model’s evidence of effectiveness. Inclusion in the implementation report does not mean the practices described meet the HHS criteria for evidence of effectiveness. Similarly, models described here may not all have impact studies, and those with impact studies may vary in their effectiveness. Please see the Effectiveness button on the left for more information about research on the effectiveness of the models discussed here.

Training to support implementation

Requirements for program certification

Two- to three-day facilitator training is recommended. Sites implementing the Nurturing Parenting Programs are not required to receive certification. Optional program implementation workshops are offered by Family Development Resources, Inc.

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Pre-service staff training

The Program Implementation and Facilitation Workshop is a three-day workshop that focuses on the philosophy of nurturing parenting, the different Nurturing Parenting Programs available, research supporting the programs, the different delivery models of the programs, levels of prevention as they relate to the number of sessions (dosage), the use of assessment and evaluation in ensuring the program’s success, and how to implement and facilitate the parents’ and the children’s programs. Four- and five-day workshops are also available to meet the training needs of less experienced professionals. The additional time enables trainers to offer participants more hands-on practice in implementing program activities.

Training that focuses on specific Nurturing Parenting Programs adaptations and enhancements is also available.

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In-service staff training

No in-service training is mandated. Ongoing technical assistance is available (see below).

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Training materials

Staff who are participating in implementation and facilitator training workshops receive needed materials. Staff may consider ordering additional program materials. The staff at Family Development Resources, Inc. will help agencies select the most appropriate materials for their program.

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Qualified trainers

Family Development Resources, Inc., grants recognition to trainers/consultants with a history of facilitating Nurturing Parenting Programs who have been trained as a trainer/consultant by Family Development Resources, Inc. Trainers/consultants have had at least two years of experience facilitating the Nurturing Programs; attended a facilitator workshop and training-of-trainers workshop conducted by a recognized trainer/consultant; displayed expertise in the programs; and provided two letters of reference in support of their knowledge and skills. Trainers/consultants must also fulfill ongoing activity requirements. Names and addresses of trainers/consultants are published on the Nurturing Parenting Programs’ website and provided to people requesting implementation assistance, product information, and training.

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Technical assistance

Technical assistance is provided by the network of Family Nurturing Centers and certified trainers/consultants.

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Implementation notes

The information contained on this page was last updated in April 2015. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by Family Development Resources, Inc. on April 9, 2015. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.

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