Implementing Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)® Meets HHS Criteria

Implementation last updated: 2019

The information in this profile reflects feedback, if provided, from this model’s developer as of the above date. The description of the implementation of the model(s) here may differ from how the model(s) was implemented in the research reviewed to determine this model’s evidence of effectiveness. Inclusion in the implementation report does not mean the practices described meet the HHS criteria for evidence of effectiveness. Similarly, models described here may not all have impact studies, and those with impact studies may vary in their effectiveness. Please see the Effectiveness button on the left for more information about research on the effectiveness of the models discussed here.

Estimated costs of implementation

Average cost per family

NFP’s cost per family varies by program. The primary factors affecting the range in costs are (1) nurses’ salaries, which vary by geographic region and setting; and (2) indirect costs that individual agencies incur. The NSO estimates that the cost per family per day may range from $14 to $24. This estimate covers all costs that an implementing agency incurs, including program materials, training, salaries for nursing staff, administrative expenses, promotional costs, and use of the centralized electronic data collection management and reporting system. The NSO can help a potential implementing agency develop a location-specific estimate that includes all direct costs and the individual agency’s particular administrative and indirect expense cost structure.
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Labor costs

Labor costs associated with NFP staff requirements are included in the cost-per-family estimation and, as noted above, these costs vary by location.
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Purchase of model or operating license

Agencies under contract to implement NFP are granted a non-exclusive, limited right and license to use NFP proprietary property to implement NFP as designed and in fidelity with the NFP model. The costs are included in the cost-per-family estimation.
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Cost of materials and forms

Data collection forms and reports are provided as part of operation. All necessary equipment and materials are detailed in the NFP Sample Implementing Agency Budget and Narrative provided to states and communities to guide budget planning. Costs are included in the cost-per-family estimation.

Data collection forms and reports are provided as part of the agency contract with the NSO. The NSO charges additional fees if the agency asks for customized data forms and reports.

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Cost of training and technical assistance

Training and technical assistance costs are included in the cost-per-family estimation. The NSO provides assistance, training, and technical support. Training and technical assistance costs are included in annual fees that the implementing agencies pay to the NSO. These costs are higher in the first year than in later years, and may be affected by whether the implementing agency requests custom reports from the NSO.
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Infrastructure costs

The estimated infrastructure costs vary by agency. The NSO requires an agency to have adequate organizational structure and support to implement the model with fidelity, which includes the necessary physical space, desks, computers, cell phones, filing cabinets, and other infrastructure to carry out the program.
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Recruitment and retention costs

The estimated costs for client recruitment vary by community. The NSO provides some resources to implementing agencies to support nursing staff recruitment.
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Implementation notes

The information contained on this page was last updated in October 2019. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by the Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office on October 28, 2019. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.

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