Implementing Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) Meets HHS Criteria

Implementation last updated: 2019

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Training to support implementation

Requirements for program certification

MDHHS requires providers to be certified to implement MIHP. First, prospective providers must meet the following eligibility criteria: (1) enroll as a Medicaid provider, (2) have experience delivering services to the target population, (3) be linked to relevant local services and health care organizations, (4) have the organizational capacity to do outreach to the target population and local medical providers, and (5) have a contract on file for review by MDHHS if the provider is contracting with another agency to offer services.

The full certification process can take up to three years. To become certified, prospective providers must:

  • Attend an inquiry meeting where prospective providers receive information about the application process.
  • Submit the MIHP application to MDHHS.
  • Send the MIHP program coordinator, registered nurse, and licensed social worker to the orientation for new providers. This orientation provides information on MIHP operations, required forms, services, and the certification process.
  • Host an MIHP representative for a provisional certification review.
  • Within four to five months of provisional certification, host an MIHP consultant for a technical assistance visit, where the consultant will assess billing and program charts and how the model is being implemented, and discuss any challenges the new provider has faced.
  • Undergo a certification review nine months after provisional certification status is granted. If the new provider passes this review, the provider is granted conditional certification-1.
  • Undergo a second certification review nine months after being granted conditional certification-1. If the provider passes this review, the provider is granted conditional certification-2.
  • Undergo a third certification review nine months after receiving conditional certification-2. If the provider passes this review, the provider is granted full certification and is placed in a rotation schedule for the MIHP provider recertification process.

Certification criteria are available on the MIHP Operations Guide on the MIHP website. 

Recertification occurs every 18 months or every three years depending on the provider’s competency level as demonstrated in previous reviews. No information is available on what occurs during the recertification process.

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Pre-service staff training

As part of the certification process, new MIHP providers must attend a multi-day in-person orientation before initiating services in their community. The MIHP program coordinator or agency owner, the registered nurse, and licensed social worker must attend the training.

MIHP provider staff must also complete a series of online trainings before providing services. The series covers program operations and includes training, developed in collaboration with content experts, on topics in the area of maternal and infant health, including pregnancy and delivery, infant health, infant safety, breastfeeding, depression, domestic violence, and substance abuse. No information is available on which staff must complete the trainings or whether the trainings are part of the certification process and/or required of new staff hired by certified providers. 

MIHP requires providers include in each personnel file certificates validating training completion. The certificates are examined during the certification process. New staff and an agency supervisor must attest that all training has been completed.

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In-service staff training

MIHP requires providers to attend meetings and “community of practice” webinars every two months. The meetings and webinars update MIHP providers on model procedures, fidelity, and oversight, and give them information on the topic of maternal and infant risks and services.

Optional online trainings are also available on topics such as perinatal oral health, trauma and toxic stress, fatherhood and supportive resources for fathers, and how socioeconomic conditions impact pregnancy outcomes.
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Training materials

Training courses are available on the MIHP website:

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Qualified trainers

No information is available on the required or recommended qualifications of the trainers.
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Technical assistance

As part of the provider certification process, an MIHP technical assistant consultant visits the provider to assess how the model is being implemented, review billing and program charts, and discuss any challenges the new provider is experiencing.

Public health consultants with advanced degrees provide ongoing technical assistance. Consultants are available daily by phone and email to answer provider questions and to offer guidance. On-site consultation visits are also available upon request.

MIHP also produces an “MIHP Weekly Update” newsletter that offers guidance and answers questions. These updates are available on the MIHP website.

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Implementation notes

The information contained on this page was last updated in August 2019. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by the MDHHS MIHP staff on April 15, 2019. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.

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