Implementing Child First Meets HHS Criteria

Implementation last updated: 2020

The information in this profile reflects feedback, if provided, from this model’s developer as of the above date. The description of the implementation of the model(s) here may differ from how the model(s) was implemented in the research reviewed to determine this model’s evidence of effectiveness. Inclusion in the implementation report does not mean the practices described meet the HHS criteria for evidence of effectiveness. Similarly, models described here may not all have impact studies, and those with impact studies may vary in their effectiveness. Please see the Effectiveness button on the left for more information about research on the effectiveness of the models discussed here.

Estimated costs of implementation

Average cost per family

Child First services are free of charge for all families. Affiliate agencies are funded through a variety of public and private sources, including state budget allocations, state and federal grants and contracts, Medicaid reimbursement, local tax revenue, and philanthropy. Before deciding to replicate the model in a given area, Child First works with state and other partners to develop sustainable funding sources.

The average cost per family receiving Child First services in Connecticut is approximately $8,200 (three-year average, fiscal years 2015–2017). This estimate was derived from data from 15 sites (most comprising two teams, but some sites having up to six teams), each serving 24 families per year, on average. The average cost per family includes staff salaries and benefits, mileage, materials, phones, computers, clinical director/supervisor supervision, assessments, annual Child First fees, rent, and other administrative support. The cost is calculated by dividing the total budget for each site by the number of families served per year.

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Labor costs

Labor costs are included in the cost-per-family estimation.

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Purchase of model or operating license

Costs include an all-inclusive, one-time start-up fee of $390,000 (2020 dollars), which covers all training and activities for 16 teams for the first year. The start-up fee is based on the size of the learning collaborative (number of affiliate sites and Child First teams trained at one time), with cost savings for larger learning collaboratives (ranging from 16 to 32 teams).

Annual fees begin in the second year of implementation and amount to $16,000 per team. The annual fee covers consultation, technical assistance, training, database usage, and data analysis.

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Cost of materials and forms

Assessment forms that are copyrighted by Child First are provided at no additional cost to accredited sites. There are additional costs associated with required assessment forms that are proprietary. All other materials and forms are contained in the Child First Toolkit, which is provided during training and included in the start-up fee.

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Cost of training and technical assistance

All training, consultation, and technical assistance costs are included in the start-up fee for the first year. After the first year, all additional training, consultation, and technical assistance costs are included in the annual fee, which is based on the number of teams (ranging from 16 to 32) at a given affiliate site.

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Infrastructure costs

Costs for use of the CFCR system and all related training and technical assistance are included in the annual fee.

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Recruitment and retention costs

There are no costs associated with recruiting or retaining families. All affiliate sites have waiting lists.

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Implementation notes

The information contained on this page was last updated in June 2020. Recommended further reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by the Child First CEO on February 21, 2020. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.

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