Frequently Asked Questions

Review Process

How does a model get on the HomVEE list?

The answer to this question has two parts: 1) how a model is selected for review; and 2) whether a model is determined to meet the criteria established by HHS for an “evidence-based early childhood home visiting service delivery model.”

HomVEE uses a systematic process to select models for review. We conduct a literature search and issue a call for papers. Using the identified research, models are then assigned points based on 1) the number and design of the impact studies and 2) sample sizes of the impact studies. Models are ranked by accumulated points and those with higher rankings are selected for review. For more information on the review process, please see the review page.

HomVEE assesses each selected model to determine if it meets the HHS criteria for an evidence-based model. Information on each reviewed model is included on the HomVEE website, regardless of whether the models meet the HHS criteria, which can be accessed on each model’s “In Brief” page. A full list of models, and whether they meet the HHS criteria, is available in the model evidence summary table.

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May I submit research on my model for review?

Yes, HomVEE issues a call for papers each year between November and early January. The call is sent to relevant electronic mailing lists and also will be posted on the HomVEE website with submission instructions.

Our goals are to treat all models consistently and fairly and to have a complete picture of all observed effects for a model. Therefore, HomVEE has a systematic process for identifying all relevant research and ranking models for review based on the available empirical evidence. Because of this process, we cannot review new studies on request.

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May I appeal the review results?

You may request a re-review if you think the HHS criteria has been misapplied, information is missing, or there are errors on the HomVEE website. These concerns should be described in detail and submitted to: If HHS approves the request, a re-review team made up of members external to the original contractor who were not involved in the original review will conduct a new, independent review. For more information on the re-review process, see Requests for Reconsideration of Evidence Determinations.

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Can you provide information regarding the timing of re-review of models that have submitted an appeal? For example, when is re-review expected to be complete and results disseminated?

HHS will issue a final decision within 60 days of the submission of the request for re-review. All requests must be submitted to If the model is approved as meeting the HHS criteria for evidence of effectiveness, all states will be notified.

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