Entries in this row combine information across all versions of SafeCare. Only SafeCare Augmented meets HHS criteria for an evidence-based home visiting model. For SafeCare itself, there are no manuscripts about high- or moderate-quality impact studies. Some other versions of SafeCare have at least one such manuscript. Planned Activities Training (a SafeCare module) and Cellular Phone Enhanced Planned Activities Training (a SafeCare module with an add-on) show evidence of effectiveness.

Model effectiveness research report last updated: 2018

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SafeCare Augmented
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Outcome measure Effect Follow-up timing Sample Sample size Intervention group Comparison group Group difference Effect size Statistical significance
Referrals/linkages to additional services
FavorableUnfavorable or ambiguousNo Effect
10 months Rural Southwest 105 families = 0.50 = 0.00 Difference = 0.50 Not available Statistically significant, p < 0.05
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Referrals/linkages to additional services

The percentage of program providers who referred and linked families to additional services.

Review of program records

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