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HomVEE announces two tracks for evidence review

November 2018

Beginning with the 2019 review, HomVEE will use two review tracks: one for models that are not evidence-based (including unreviewed models as well as reviewed models that are not evidence-based) and another for evidence-based models. HomVEE will release results for models that are not evidence-based in September of each year. Updates to evidence-based models will be released several months later. HHS created these two tracks to facilitate review of a greater volume of models that are not evidence-based while still updating reviews of evidence-based models.

For the 2019 review, HomVEE will search literature published through September 2018. It will also consider submissions to the call for studies of unpublished studies or studies published through December 2018. For more information about how HomVEE identifies studies and prioritizes models for review, see the Review Process tab of the website.

HomVEE updated reporting guide for study authors

February 2018

The author reporting guide, which has been updated from the 2016 version, provides evaluators guidance about how to describe randomized controlled trials and matched comparison group design studies, and report their findings clearly so that systematic reviews can use their results. Reporting the information described in this guide is considered a best practice in general, and the information can help HomVEE reviewers assess the appropriate rating to assign to the study. The latest update clearly identifies the information that HomVEE seeks from evaluators, which will help the project assign prioritization points that determine which home visiting models are reviewed.

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