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Crusto, C. A., Lowell, D., Paulicin, B., Reynolds, J., Feinn, R., Friedman, S. R., & Kaufman, J. S.. (2008). Evaluation of the Child FIRST Program Services for Children Exposed to Family Violence. Best Practices in Mental Health: An International Journal, 4(1), 1-18.
Model(s) reviewed: Child First
Rating: Does not pass screens

Lowell, D. I., Carter, A. S., Godoy, L., Paulicin, B., & Briggs‐Gowan, M. J. (2011). A randomized controlled trial of Child FIRST: A comprehensive home‐based intervention translating research into early childhood practice. Child development82(1), 193-208.

Model(s) reviewed: Child First
Rating: High