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Implementing Promoting First Relationships®

Training to Support Implementation

Last Updated

June 2015


Requirements for Program Certification

No information is available.


Pre-Service Staff Training

The University of Washington School of Nursing’s Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training (NCAST) Programs offers a two-day Knowledge Building workshop to train practitioners to begin implementing PFR. The workshop involves case studies, role-playing, and reflective dialogue. On-site workshops are also available. PFR recommends that supervisors also attend the two-day workshop to supervise and support their staff who are implementing the model.

To be certified as a PFR provider, practitioners are required to complete the two-day workshop and additional training (described in the “In-Service Staff Training” section).

He or she must also meet program fidelity requirements, which are assessed annually. No information on who conducts the fidelity assessments was provided.


In-Service Staff Training

The Barnard Center offers training and support through a four-month “Skill-Building” mentored distance-learning training. Practitioners are required to complete the two-day workshop before enrolling in the skill-building training. During the first 6 weeks, practitioners watch recorded PFR sessions of caregiver-child interactions and discuss the sessions weekly with a PFR master trainer. During the following 10 weeks, practitioners video-record PFR sessions at their own sites and meet online weekly with PFR master trainers for feedback.

To be certified as a PFR provider, practitioners must complete the two-day workshop (pre-service staff training) and the four-month mentored training program.


Training Materials

Training materials, including the curriculum and parent handouts, are available through NCAST Programs and are also provided during the training workshop.


Qualified Trainers

PFR master trainers from the Barnard Center and NCAST Programs provide training.


Technical Assistance

PFR requires all agency PFR trainers to participate in monthly reflective practice consultation with a master PFR trainer. (Additional information about reflective practice consultations was not provided.) Some contracts and research projects require all PFR practitioners to participate in a minimum of monthly reflective consultation with a master PFR trainer to assure fidelity to the model.



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