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Implementing Promoting First Relationships®

Prerequisites for Implementation

Last Updated

June 2015


Type of Implementing Agency

PFR can be implemented in different settings and by a variety of agencies, including child welfare, early intervention, public health, pediatrics, child care, and early childhood education programs. For example, family service workers can deliver PFR directly to their clients, and child care centers can implement PFR with their teachers. The HomVEE review is based on PFR used with parents in the home.


Staffing Requirements

Staff from a range of disciplines—including infant mental health specialists; public health nurses; early interventionists; family service workers; and child care administrators, providers, and teachers—can deliver the model. To implement the model as a home visiting program, PFR requires agencies to have at least two trained home visitors who receive reflective supervision regularly.


Staff Education and Experience

PFR does not specify minimum education requirements. All PFR practitioners must have prior experience working with children birth to age 3 years and their parents and should have strong parent-child observation and parent engagement skills. No information is available on the minimum requirements for supervisors.


Supervision Requirements

Agencies should provide home visitors with supervision at least twice per month. No information is available on the ratio of home visitors to supervisors.


Staff Ratio Requirements

PFR recommends a ratio of 8 to 12 families per home visitor.


Data Systems/Technology Requirements

PFR requires a video-recording device for home visitors to record parent-child play sessions and a device such as a laptop or tablet to view videos with parents and caregivers.

The online training requires access to a webcam and a high-speed Internet connection.



The information contained on this page was last updated in June 2015. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by the Barnard Center on April 22, 2015. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.