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Implementing Minding the Baby®

Meets HHS criteria for an evidenced based model

Training to Support Implementation

Last Updated

April 2018


Requirements for Program Certification

There is no certification process at this time. To replicate MTB, staff from interested organizations must contract with the MTB National Office to participate in a six-phase training and consultation program. The training and consultation program encompasses planning and start-up consultation and pre- and in-service training, supervision, and technical assistance; it lasts at least 30 months.


Pre-Service Staff Training

As part of the training and consultation program for replicating sites, all MTB trainee clinical and administrative staff must attend a four-day, in-person pre-service training. The training introduces the basic theoretical foundation and techniques of MTB’s reflective parenting model, including how to support and enhance parental reflective capacities and reflective functioning. MTB clinicians also receive training to incorporate the physical and mental health components of the intervention. Nurses and LCSWs can receive credit for continuing education contact hours for attending this training.


In-Service Staff Training

Ongoing training, mentoring, and professional development are required for all staff. In-service training is tailored for each site and encompasses weekly telephone or video calls with model developers and monthly or quarterly sessions by video conference.

To facilitate the support of current and new clinical staff, an optional train-the-trainer component for supervisors at replicating sites is available. The training involves a four-day in-service training at the MTB National Office that addresses specific supervisory issues and ongoing hiring and training needs.

MTB National Office staff visit replication sites within 12 to 15 months after the first families enroll. The purpose of this visit is to (1) present and discuss cases, (2) address site questions or concerns, (3) assess model implementation (including fidelity benchmarks and competencies) and discuss gaps or needs, and (4) address issues related to replication (including procedures and practices and the required evaluation component).


Training Materials

All MTB trainees receive the MTB Treatment Manual and Clinician Quick Reference Guide, and implementing agencies receive both a Replication Planning Guide outlining replication considerations, and a Replication Operations Manual detailing logistical and administrative aspects of MTB replication. Trainees also receive a packet of materials that includes handouts and articles. The treatment manual includes a description of the MTB model and its theoretical underpinnings; a history of home visiting programs; principles of a reflective approach to home visiting; overviews of nursing and mental health approaches used in MTB; and details on implementing the intervention, including the general process and function of the individual home visit.


Qualified Trainers

MTB National Office faculty and staff provide the training for sites initiating replication. As part of the replication process, an optional train-the-trainer module is available, which includes intensive training for qualified supervisors to support current and new clinical staff. Supervisor trainees must have related teaching and/or training experience and meet the supervisory requirements in the MTB Supervisor Competencies (included in the MTB Replication Operations Manual for Implementing Agencies).


Technical Assistance

Replication sites participate in a six-phase training and consultation program with MTB faculty and staff that encompasses planning and start-up consultation, pre- and in-service training, and technical assistance. Additional training and assistance is available on an individual basis.



The information contained on this page was last updated in April 2018. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by Crista Marchesseault, Lois Sadler, and Arietta Slade with the Minding the Baby® National Office at Yale Child Study Center and Yale School of Nursing on January 16, 2018. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.