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Yes (SafeCare Augmented only) <p><em>A SafeCare module, Planned Activities Training, and a module with an add-on, Cellular Phone Enhanced Planned Activities Training, also show evidence of effectiveness.</em></p>

Last Updated: July 2018

Effects Shown in Research & Outcome Measure Details for Linkages and Referrals Outcomes

Impact Studies Rated High

Silovsky, J. F., Bard, D., Chaffin, M., Hecht, D., Burris, L., Owora, A., Beasley, L., Doughty, D., & Lutzker, J. (2011). Prevention of child maltreatment in high-risk rural families: A randomized clinical trial with child welfare outcomes. Children and Youth Services Review, 33, 1435-1444.
Results for SafeCare Augmented.
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Outcome Effect Sample Timing of Follow-Up Sample Size Program Group Comparison Group Mean Difference or Odds Ratio
Statistical Significance
Effect Size
Outcome Type
Referrals/linkages to additional services Favorable Rural Southwest 10 months 105 families 0.5 0 Difference = 50% Statistically significant, p < 0.05 Not available Primary
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Outcome Description of Measure Data Collection Method Properties of the Outcome Measure Outcome Type
Referrals/linkages to additional services The percentage of program providers who referred and linked families to additional services. Review of program records Not applicable Primary