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Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)®

Meets HHS criteria for an evidenced based model

Last Updated: May 2016

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Olds, D. L., Henderson Jr., C. R., Tatelbaum, R., & Chamberlin, R. (1986). Improving the delivery of prenatal care and outcomes of pregnancy: A randomized trial of nurse home visitation. Pediatrics, 77(1), 16.
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Outcome Effect Sample Timing of Follow-Up Sample Size Program Group Comparison Group Mean Difference or Odds Ratio
Statistical Significance
Effect Size
Outcome Type
Number of services known Unfavorable Full (Elmira) 32 weeks postpartum 294 mothers Mean = 4.91 Mean = 5.47 MD = -0.56 Statistically significant,
p ≤ 0.01
Not available Secondary
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Outcome Description of Measure Data Collection Method Properties of the Outcome Measure Outcome Type
Number of services known Numbers of services in the community that mothers knew were available to them. Parent/caregiver report Not applicable Secondary