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Healthy Steps (National Evaluation 1996 Protocol)

Meets HHS criteria for an evidenced based model

Last Updated: July 2011

Effects Shown in Research & Outcome Measure Details for Reductions in Child Maltreatment Outcomes

Impact Studies Rated Moderate

Minkovitz, C. S., Strobino, D., Mistry, K. B., Scharfstein, D. O., Grason, H., Hou, W., Guyer, B. (2007). Healthy Steps for Young Children: Sustained results at 5.5 years. Pediatrics, 120(3), 658–668.
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Outcome Effect Sample Timing of Follow-Up Sample Size Program Group Comparison Group Mean Difference or Odds Ratio
Statistical Significance
Effect Size
Outcome Type
Used emergency department in past year for injury No Effect The 6 RCT national evaluation sites 5.5 years 1,308 children Mean = 0.09 Mean = 0.10 OR = 0.96 Not statistically significant,
p > 0.05
HomVEE = -0.02 Secondary
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Outcome Description of Measure Data Collection Method Properties of the Outcome Measure Outcome Type
Used emergency department in the past year for injury Percentage of parents who reported using the emergency department in the past year for a child injury Parent/caregiver report Not applicable Secondary