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Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS) Program

Meets HHS criteria for an evidenced based model

Last Updated: July 2015

Effects Shown in Research & Outcome Measure Details for Reductions in Child Maltreatment Outcomes

Impact Studies Rated Moderate

Williams, C. M., Asaolu, I., English, B., Jewell, T., Smith, K., & Robl, J. (2014). Child health improvement by HANDS home visiting program (Unpublished manuscript). University of Kentucky Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Lexington, KY.
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Outcome Effect Sample Timing of Follow-Up Sample Size Program Group Comparison Group Mean Difference or Odds Ratio
Statistical Significance
Effect Size
Outcome Type
Substantiated reports of child maltreatment (proportion)1 Favorable Kentucky 2011-2012 matched Unknown 4506 infants Unadjusted mean = 0.06 Unadjusted mean = 0.11 OR = 0.53 Statistically significant, p = 0.00 HomVEE = -0.38 Primary

1 Negative effect is favorable.

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Outcome Description of Measure Data Collection Method Properties of the Outcome Measure Outcome Type
Substantiated reports of child maltreatment (proportion) Percentage of families who had a substantiated report for child maltreatment Administrative data Not reported by author Primary