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Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up (ABC) Intervention

Meets HHS criteria for an evidenced based model

Last Updated: April 2017

Effects Shown in Research & Outcome Measure Details for Child Health Outcomes

Impact Studies Rated Moderate

Hoye, J., Asok, A., Bernard, K., Roth, T., Rosen, J., & Dozier, M. Intervening early to protect telomeres: Results of a randomized clinical trial. Unpublished manuscript.
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Outcome Effect Sample Timing of Follow-Up Sample Size Program Group Comparison Group Mean Difference or Odds Ratio
Statistical Significance
Effect Size
Outcome Type
Telomere length: ABC vs. DEF Favorable ABC vs. DEF age 5 42 children Not reported Not reported Not reported Statistically significant, p = 0.03 Study reported = 0.58 Primary
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Outcome Description of Measure Data Collection Method Properties of the Outcome Measure Outcome Type
Telomere length: ABC vs. DEF The researchers measured telomere length. Telomere shortening is linked to childhood adversity but can be buffered by sensitive parenting. Collected DNA samples from the children using buccal swabs. Not reported by the author. Primary