What is Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness?

Coming Soon: Version 2.1 Handbook of Procedures and Standards

The public comment period for proposed updates to the HomVEE procedures and standards specific to single-case design research closed on April 19, 2021. HomVEE will be releasing an updated handbook later in 2021.


The Department of Health and Human Services launched the Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HomVEE) review to conduct a thorough and transparent review of early childhood home visiting models. HomVEE provides an assessment of the evidence of effectiveness for early childhood home visiting models that serve families with pregnant women and children from birth to kindergarten entry (that is, up through age 5).

The HomVEE review assesses the quality of the research evidence. Information in HomVEE about models and implementation reflects information provided by the developer or other model stakeholders. Questions about the models should be directed to the developers or other model stakeholders. Contact information is provided for each model in the model's implementation profile.


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