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Study Detail

Smith, J. D., Dishion, T. J., Moore, K. J., Shaw, D. S., & Wilson, M. N. (2013). Effects of video feedback on early coercive parent–child interactions: The intervening role of caregivers’ relational schemas. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 42(3), 405–417.

Program(s) Reviewed: Family Check-Up® For Children

Study Screening Details

Screening DecisionScreening Conclusion
Study Passes ScreensEligible for Review

Study Design Details

RatingDesignAttritionBaseline EquivalenceReassignmentConfounding Factors
LowQuasi-experimental designNot applicableNot established on race/ethnicity or SES; established on baseline measures of the outcomes.NoneYes

This study compares a group of participants who received Family Check-Up® For Children with a group who received an enhanced model, Family Check-Up® For Children with video feedback. A confound in the study design resulted in an automatic low rating. Specifically, all families that received video feedback were from the Eugene site. Families that did not receive video feedback were from the Eugene, Charlottesville, or Pittsburgh sites.This study is part of a large RCT described by Dishion et al. (2008).

Study Registration Identifier: None found. Study registration was assessed by HomVEE beginning with the 2014 review.


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