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Study Detail

le Roux, I. M., Tomlinson, M., Harwood, J. M., O’Connor, M. J., Worthman, C. M., Mbewu, N., Stewart, J., Hartley, M., Swendeman, D., Comulada, W. S., Weiss, R. E., & Rotheram-Borus, M. J. (2013). Outcomes of home visits for pregnant mothers and their infants in South Africa: A cluster randomized controlled trial. AIDS, 27(9), 1461-1471.

Program(s) Reviewed: Philani Outreach Programme

Additional Sources:

Rotheram-Borus, M. J., le Roux, I. M., Tomlinson, M., Mbewu, N., Comulada, W. S., le Roux, K., Stewart, J., O’Connor, M. J., Hartley, M., Desmond, K., Greco, E., Worthman, C. M., Idemundia, F., & Swendeman, D. (2011). Philani Plus (+): A mentor mother community health worker home visiting program to improve maternal and infants’ outcomes. Prevention Science, 12(4): 372-388.

Study Screening Details

Screening DecisionScreening Conclusion
Study Passes ScreensEligible for Review

Study Design Details

RatingDesignAttritionBaseline EquivalenceReassignmentConfounding Factors
LowRandomized Controlled TrialHighNot established on SES for the analytic sample. Race/ethnicity is assumed to be equivalent because all women resided in Xhosa townships. Equivalence on baseline measures of the outcome is not feasible.NoNone

Study Registration Identifier: NCT00996528

Study registration was assessed by HomVEE beginning with the 2014 review.


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