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Study Detail

Illback, R. J., Sanders Jr., D., Sanders III, D., Pennington, M., English, B., & Jewell, T. (March 2011). Birth, maltreatment, and service utilization outcomes of participants  in Kentucky’s HANDS home visitation program. Unpublished manuscript. 

Program(s) Reviewed: Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS) Program

Additional Sources:

Illback, R. J., Pennington, M., Sanders, D. H., & Smith, P. (2007). Use of the emergency room: A comparison of Medicaid reimbursed ER visits in HANDS children & other children born to first-time parents. Louisville, KY: REACH of Louisville.

Study Screening Details

Screening DecisionScreening Conclusion
Study Passes ScreensEligible for Review

Study Design Details

RatingDesignAttritionBaseline EquivalenceReassignmentConfounding Factors
LowQuasi-experimental designNot applicableNot established on race/ethnicity, SES, or outcomesNot applicableNone


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