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Study Detail

le Roux, I. M., le Roux, K., Comulada, W. S., Greco, E. M., Desmond, K. A., Mbewu, N., & Rotheram-Borus, M. J. (2010). Home visits by neighborhood mentor mothers provide timely recovery from childhood malnutrition in South Africa: Results from a randomized controlled trial. Nutrition Journal, 9(56).

Program(s) Reviewed: Philani Outreach Programme

Study Screening Details

Screening DecisionScreening Conclusion
Study Passes ScreensEligible for Review

Study Design Details

RatingDesignAttritionBaseline EquivalenceReassignmentConfounding Factors
LowRandomized Controlled TrialHighInformation from an author query shows a lack of equivalence on baseline measures of the outcome. Established on SES per information from author query. Race/ethnicity is assumed to be equivalent because all women resided in Xhosa townships.YesNone

Study Registration Identifier: NA

Study registration was assessed by HomVEE beginning with the 2014 review.


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