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Drotar, D., Robinson, J., Jeavons, L., & Lester Kirchner, H. (2009). A randomized, controlled evaluation of early intervention: The Born to Learn curriculum. Child: Care, Health & Development, 35(5), 643–649.

Program(s) Reviewed: Parents as Teachers

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Screening DecisionScreening Conclusion
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Study Design Details

RatingDesignAttritionBaseline EquivalenceReassignmentConfounding Factors
HighRandomized controlled trialLowNot applicableNoneNone

Study Characteristics

Study Participants The sample included 459 mothers with children who were measured at ages 12, 18, 24, and 36 months. All women were recruited for enrollment in the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program with the Born to Learn (BTL) curriculum within nine months of the child’s birth. Study enrollment occurred between 1999 and 2001. Most mothers had more than a high school education (83%). Most study participants were either white (66%) or African American (29%). Most households had an income greater than or equal to $30,000 (70%). Eighty percent of mothers were married or lived with a significant other.
Setting Participants in the study resided in Cleveland, Ohio, and its eastern suburbs.
Home Visiting Services Families enrolled in PAT with the BTL curriculum received two home visits in the first month after enrollment and monthly visits and group meetings thereafter for a period of three years. Each visit to the family home was delivered by a trained parent educator who provided handouts and videos emphasizing key age-specific child development principles. Parents also attended group meetings that emphasized BTL curriculum. Among those families enrolled in PAT , 64% participated and remained in the program for all three years.
Comparison Condition The comparison families received handouts describing children’s development at various ages and an invitation to participate in parent education services, such as parent discussion groups, which were held separately from those of the treatment group. None of this information included any of the BTL curriculum content or structure.
Staff Characteristics and Training Parent educators were trained by the PAT national staff during a weeklong session. Implementation by parent educators was monitored and evaluated based on PAT National Center standards: home visit attendance, coverage of curriculum material, and performance (for example, establishing rapport and executing BTL curriculum activities).
Funding Source Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Author Affiliation None of the study authors are developers of this program model.


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