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HomVEE releases the results of its 2016 review

September 2016

One model added

Five models updated

For an overview of the HomVEE review process and a summary of the review results, please read the Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness Review: Executive Summary.

For a three-page summary describing the HomVEE review process and review results, please read the Home Visiting Programs: Reviewing Evidence of Effectiveness.

See the new page describing home visiting research with tribal populations (updates to the content of that page will be released this winter).

Updated October 2016

HomVEE reporting guide for study authors

May 2016

This document provides guidance on how to describe randomized controlled trials and matched comparison group design studies. It also discusses how to report findings that are clear, complete, and transparent. Reporting the information described below is considered a best practice in general, and the information but can help HomVEE reviewers assess the appropriate rating to assign to the study.

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