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"Supporting Replication and Scale-Up of Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs: Assessing the Implementation Knowledge Base." (American Journal of Public Health, vol. 104, no. 9, September 2014.) Subscription required.

September 2014

This article evaluated the knowledge base supporting replication and scale-up of evidence-based programs by reviewing the research literature on 22 home visiting programs that have or are building an evidence base. The authors used the Interactive Systems Framework for Dissemination and Implementation to assess programs.


"Effectiveness of Home Visiting in Improving Child Health and Reducing Child Maltreatment." (Pediatrics, vol. 132, supplement 2, November 2013.) Subscription required.

November 2013

This article found existing rigorous research indicates that home visiting programs serving at-risk pregnant women and children from birth to age 5 have the potential for positive results for these families, particularly in the areas of health care usage and child development.


Supplee, L., Paulsell, D., & Avellar, S. (2012). “What Works in Home Visiting Programs?” In What Works in Child Welfare, edited by P. Curtis and G. Alexander. Washington, DC: Child Welfare League of American Press, 39-61.

June 2012

This book chapter provides an introduction to the purpose and scope of home visiting programs, an overview of related US legislation, and an explanation of the HomVEE review process used to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs. Additional sections of the chapter cover the lessons learned from literature on home visiting programs and implications for policy and practice. Several examples are also provided on reviews of home visiting programs that aim to prevent child abuse and neglect.