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Healthy Start-Home Visiting

Model Overview

Last Updated

March 2010


Theoretical Model

In the United States, women and infants living in high-risk situations experience high rates of infant mortality, low birth weight, and other poor perinatal outcomes. To address these disparities and the factors contributing to them, the Healthy Start Initiative provides program funds to local agencies committed to community-driven strategies to mitigate the causes of infant mortality, low birth weight, and other poor perinatal outcomes. Healthy Start-Home Visiting projects provide services that cover the pregnancy and interconception phases for women and infants.


Model Components

Healthy Start programs include (1) outreach and client recruitment, (2) case management (including home visitation), (3) health education, (4) interconception care, and (5) depression screening and referrals. Healthy Start programs also work on activities to promote community-level collaboration, sustainability, and system improvement and change.


Target Population

Healthy Start-Home Visiting targets at-risk groups such as racial or ethnic minorities, immigrant populations, or individuals who are considered vulnerable because of limited education, age of mother, low income, disability, or residence in rural or isolated areas.


Where to Find Out More

The National Healthy Start Association Inc.
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Phone: (202) 296-2195
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