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Implementing Triple P-Positive Parenting Program®-Home Visiting (Triple P-Home Visiting)

Estimated Costs of Implementation

Last Updated

May 2014


Average Cost per Family

Costs vary by intensity and delivery approach. TPI estimates average costs (in 2014 dollars) per family based on the costs for staff training, typical practitioner caseloads and delivery intensities, and family resources. Costs assume trained practitioners deliver services for at least five years after training. The following estimates exclude staff salaries, project management, and other associated costs:

  • Primary Care Triple P: $21.76;
  • Primary Care Stepping Stones Triple P: $34.64;
  • Standard Triple P: $45.93; 
  • Standard Stepping Stones Triple P: $65.82; 
  • Enhanced Triple P: $43.12; and 
  • Pathways Triple P: $42.69.

TPI implementation consultants will be able to help agencies calculate the number of needed practitioners, the costs of training and materials, the anticipated cost of attrition, and anticipated effects and savings through an automated Capacity Calculator© tool currently in development.


Labor Costs

TPI expects agencies to implement Triple P using their existing workforce. Labor costs vary based on the hours practitioners spend delivering Triple P and types of staff.


Purchase of Program Model or Operating License

There is no initial or ongoing licensing fee for operating Triple P.


Materials and Forms

Triple P America requests that interested agencies contact Triple P America for information on the costs for materials and forms.


Training and Technical Assistance

The training course fee includes accreditation, training materials and resources, general technical assistance, access to the Triple P Provider Network website, and catering during training courses. Tailored or in-person management briefings are available for an additional fee. Triple P America requests that interested agencies contact Triple P America for information on the costs for training and technical assistance.



The fee for training courses includes access to the Triple P Provider Network website. The client scoring application, available through the website, is offered at no additional fee to agencies that begin Triple P after July 1, 2014.


Recruitment and Retention

Costs for recruitment and retention of program participants vary based in part on an implementing agency’s experience serving the population and its process for referring families.



The information contained on this page was last updated in May 2014. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by the Triple P America office on May 9, 2014. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.