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Implementing Resource Mothers Program

Implementation support is not currently available for the model as reviewed.

Training to Support Implementation

Last Updated

March 2010


Requirements for Program Certification

Certification is not required to become a Resource Mothers Program.


Pre-Service Staff Training

During the initial demonstration project, Resource Mothers received an intensive six-week training program, which included information on pregnancy, labor and delivery, family planning, nutrition, communication skills, infant stimulation, well-child development, home visiting techniques and skills, community resources, referral skills, and work with extended families.


In-Service Staff Training

Resource Mothers attended biweekly in-service training sessions.


Training Materials

Training materials are not available for the Resource Mothers Program.


Qualified Trainers

Qualified trainers for the Resource Mothers Program are not available.


Technical Assistance

The Resource Mothers Program does not have a national organization or national office that provides technical assistance. In some states, such as Virginia, the state department of health or another organization provides assistance and training to local sites.



The information contained on this page was last updated in March 2010. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information.