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Implementing Play and Learning Strategies (PALS)

Yes (PALS Infant only)

Estimated Costs of Implementation

Last Updated

May 2016


Average Cost per Family

Estimated cost of the PALS program per family is $2,500 (in 2011 dollars). The estimate includes the parent coach’s salary (calculated at $32,000 per year), supervisor’s salary (calculated at $40,000 per year), training costs for both curricula (including travel), and materials.


Labor Costs

Labor costs for the parent coach are estimated to be $32,000 per year and $40,000 for the supervisor (2011 dollars).


Purchase of Model or Operating License

There is not a program or licensing fee at this time.


Materials and Forms

Each home visitor needs the following materials for each curriculum—PALS Infant and PALS Toddler/Preschooler—implemented (price is in 2014 dollars):

  • Curriculum DVD, $50 per curriculum
  • Curriculum Manual, $35 per curriculum
  • Toy bag, $200 per curriculum
  • Video camera and tripod, $350
  • Portable DVD player (can substitute with a laptop or TV and DVD player), $100

All materials are available in English and Spanish and can be purchased through the Children's Learning Institute (except for the video camera, tripod and portable DVD player).


Training and Technical Assistance

Estimated costs for training on the PALS Infant and Toddler/Preschooler curricula is $6,300 (in 2016 dollars) for five days (does not include travel costs or materials). PALS parent coach certification is required and costs $630 per parent educator and curriculum.



No information is available about the costs of data systems used to support implementation.


Recruitment and Retention

No information is available about the costs of recruiting and retaining families.



The information contained on this page was last updated in May 2016. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by the Children’s Learning Institute on March 17, 2016. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.