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Implementing Healthy Start-Home Visiting

Training to Support Implementation

Last Updated

March 2010


Requirements for Program Certification

Applications for federal funds are reviewed by a panel of experts in fields or disciplines related to the program or initiative. Applications that pass the initial HRSA eligibility screening are reviewed and rated by a panel based on the program elements and review criteria presented in the program announcement. Preference is given to current and former Healthy Start-Home Visiting grantees with expiring or recently expired project periods.

Applications for Healthy Start-Home Visiting funding are evaluated using seven core criteria: (1) the degree to which the application describes the problem and associated contributing factors to the problem; (2) the extent to which the proposed project responds to the “purpose” included in the program description, clarity of the proposed goals and objectives and their relationship to the identified project, and the extent to which the activities described in the application are capable of addressing the problem and attaining the project objectives; (3) the effectiveness of the method proposed to monitor and evaluate the project results; (4) the extent and effectiveness of plans for dissemination of project results, and/or the extent to which project results may be national in scope and/or the degree to which a community is affected by delivery of health services, and/or the degree to which the project activities are replicable, and/or the sustainability of the program beyond federal funding; (5) the extent to which project personnel are qualified by training and/or experience to implement and carry out the project; (6) the reasonableness of the proposed budget in relation to the objectives, the complexity of the activities, and the anticipated results; and (7) the degree of collaboration with Title V, local maternal and child health agencies, and other community stakeholders.


Pre-Service Staff Training

HRSA does not have specific guidelines about pre-service staff training. Rather, grantees determine their training needs.


In-Service Staff Training

HRSA requires grantees to provide continuing education and training for Healthy Start-Home Visiting staff and the staff of community partners who are working with Healthy Start-Home Visiting clients. No information is available about the amount of training that programs should provide.


Training Materials

Grantees are responsible for developing or identifying training materials.


Qualified Trainers

Qualified trainers are not available through HRSA. Rather, grantees identify trainers to meet their needs.


Technical Assistance

NHSA provides support to federally funded Healthy Start-Home Visiting programs.



Theinformation contained onthis page was lastupdated in March 2010. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by theHealthResources and Services Administration (HRSA) on January 28, 2010 and the National Healthy Start Association on February 24, 2010. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.