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Implementing Healthy Start-Home Visiting

Materials and Forms to Support Implementation

Last Updated

March 2010


Operations Manuals

Operations manuals are not available. Grantees are responsible for developing or identifying program materials.


Service Delivery Forms

HRSA requires that Healthy Start-Home Visiting programs submit a variety of demographic, financial, and organizational data as part of its reporting process. HRSA provides the required forms to programs.


Assessment Tools

While HRSA does not require the use of a standard assessment, Healthy Start-Home Visiting programs are required to screen program participants for depression and other risk factors using an assessment process or tool.



Healthy Start-Home Visiting programs select a curriculum that is appropriate for their service population. At a minimum, however, HRSA requires programs to provide participants with information, materials, training, support, and/or resources on six health education topics: (1) smoking cessation programs; (2) prevention, early identification, testing, and treatment for HIV and STDs; (3) preterm labor; (4) back to sleep/safe sleep; (5) substance abuse prevention; and (6) other priority risk behaviors emerging from an initial assessment of the participant.


Available Languages

HRSA encourages Healthy Start-Home Visiting programs to provide translation services and linguistically appropriate materials.


Fidelity Measurement

As there is no standard Healthy Start-Home Visiting model, fidelity of implementation is not monitored. Where appropriate, however, HRSA does require a performance review. Through a pre-site and on-site analysis, the Office of Performance Review (OPR) works with grantees to assess program performance, explore the determinants of that performance, and identify ways to further improve program performance. After the review process, grantees prepare an action plan that establishes key actions to improve program performance and address program requirements. Grantees also have the opportunity to offer feedback to HRSA about how policies and guidelines influence program implementation and performance at the state and community levels.


Fidelity Standards

No information is available.



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