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Implementing Healthy Families America (HFA)®

Meets DHHS criteria for an evidenced based model

Estimated Costs of Implementation

Last Updated

May 2015


Average Cost per Family

According to the HFA National Office, the average cost of HFA per family per year is $3,577 to $4,473 [2014 dollars], depending on the number of families served. This estimate includes costs related to the personnel, nonpersonnel, model fidelity (including training), data system, and evaluation and measurement tools. Sample budgets are available from the HFA National Office to assist sites in planning.


Labor Costs

All labor costs including program management, supervisory, and direct services staff vary across states and regions. Information about labor costs are included in the sample budgets available from the HFA National Office.


Purchase of Model or Operating License

Affiliated sites are responsible for an initial application fee of $500 plus an annual start-up fee of $4,000 per year (in 2015) until the site is accredited, at which time the annual fee decreases and is modified based on site size. Sites pay an accreditation application fee of $250 the year they schedule an accreditation site visit. During the accreditation process, HFA sites are responsible for the travel costs associated with a site visit of a team of at least two external, trained peer reviewers ($2,400 in 2015).


Materials and Forms

The Healthy Families America Site Development Guide (rev. 2014), the HFA Best Practice Standards (rev. April 1, 2015), and the Affiliation Application are free and available from the HFA National Office to local communities interested in implementing the HFA model. Sample forms used for implementation are available through HFA core training.


Training and Technical Assistance

When bringing national trainers to a local site, training costs [2015 dollars] include (1) a certified HFA trainer fee of $5,200 per trainer (one trainer for integrated strategies training for home visitors, and one trainer for parent survey and community outreach training), (2) a materials fee of $40 per participant, and (3) all travel costs for the certified trainer. The maximum number of participants allowed in a home visitor training group is 16; the maximum number for an assessment parent survey training group is 12.



The HFA National Office recognizes the importance of state or system-level infrastructure including data management, quality assurance, training and technical assistance, and evaluation, but does not specify infrastructure requirements. Such requirements and corresponding costs are determined by the local or state entities and vary accordingly.


Recruitment and Retention

Information about the costs of recruitment of families is included in the sample budgets available from the HFA National Office.



The information contained on this page was last updated in May 2015. HFA/8/7#devreferences"> Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by the HFA National Office in April 2015. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.