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Implementing Healthy Beginnings

Meets DHHS criteria for an evidenced based model

Materials and Forms to Support Implementation

Last Updated

June 2015


Operations Manuals

A Healthy Beginnings User’s Guide provided training materials, visit checklists, and questions to ask during visits.


Service Delivery Forms

Participants received handouts with age-appropriate information related to the topics covered during the visits.


Assessment Tools

At each visit, the nurses measured the children’s weight, length, and waist circumference. Nurses also collected data on nutrition measures, such as breastfeeding, introduction of solids, serving size and food intake, parent–child feeding interaction, the continuation of offering milk in a bottle beyond 12 months, and the provision of fruit juices or soft drinks with high sugar content; physical activity; and partner and family support. Some of this data might have been for research purposes.



A checklist for each visit outlined the topics to be discussed.


Available Languages

Materials were not available in languages other than English.


Fidelity Measurement

The Healthy Beginnings coordinator routinely conducted quality control audits on records and conducted satisfaction interviews with 5 percent of participants each quarter.


Fidelity Standards

No information is available.



The information contained on this page was last updated in June 2015. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, Dr. Li Ming Wen at the Sydney Local Health District Health Promotion Service reviewed the information contained in this profile for accuracy on May 20, 2015. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.