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Implementing Early Start (New Zealand)

Meets DHHS criteria for an evidenced based model

Training to Support Implementation

Last Updated

July 2015


Requirements for Program Certification

Information about requirements for certification is available from Early Start Project Ltd.


Pre-Service Staff Training

Home visitors undergo four weeks of training that provides background on a wide range of issues relevant to family support work.


In-Service Staff Training

Each FTE home visitor must receive a minimum of 20 hours of in-service training per year.


Training Materials

Training materials are provided by Early Start Project Ltd.


Qualified Trainers

Trainers are available through Early Start Project Ltd. or contracted from other organizations.


Technical Assistance

In New Zealand, technical assistance may be provided by the Ministry of Development and Family and Community Services. Early Start Project Ltd. also arranges with a private organization for technical assistance and support, especially for the development and maintenance of Early Start’s data systems.



The information contained on this page was last updated in July 2015. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by Early Start Project Ltd. on April 13, 2015. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.